To provide Suppliers and Other Users with access to Smart meters via the Data Communications Company (DCC), TMA provide users with full access to all DCC services without the need for users to have a large IT project.

TMA have collaborated with CGI and use the CGI Adaptor to interface with the Smart Meter Key Infrastructure ( SMKI) , perform encryption and decryption functions, operate Parse and Correlate and send and receive communications with DCC enrolled Smart meters.

Our Shared Services proposition is provided as a turnkey solution, offering a low cost and very low risk option for users and includes, for instance, TMA undertaking User Entry Process Testing (UEPT) on behalf of users.

TMA provide a Shared Services offering to assist electricity and gas Suppliers with connecting to a new infrastructure relating to Smart Metering. In order to operate Smart Meters, Suppliers have to connect to the infrastructure provided by the Data Communications Company (DCC). This requires significant capital investment which may prove challenging to market participants. The development of Shared Services allows TMA to host and operate the entire range of DCC services on the Suppliers behalf.

As part of this service TMA provide a Business Orchestration layer to send series of co-ordinated Service Requests to the metering devices in order to complete a business process – such as the Change of Supplier (COS) process – by sending TMA a single simple message.

Advantages of Shared Services

  • Simplification of DCC Services
  • Use of industry standard file structures
  • Complete management of SMKI/DCCKI/IKI
  • Outsourcing of security obligations
  • No upfront infrastructure costs
  • Minimal in-house operations
  • Less change to systems and processes
  • Treating SMART obligations on Suppliers as an Agency Service

Included Services

  • SEC Obligations e.g. security assessment
  • Incident Management, Issue Resolution and Error Handling: Liaison with DCC Service Management
  • Standard Reporting
  • Service Reviews
  • SMKI Certificate Management
  • Firmware Management
  • Device Configuration Management
  • Alert Management
  • Clock Synchronisation
  • Gas Conversion Updates


Managed Services

  • Install and Commission
  • Decommissioning
  • Device Replacement
  • Prepayment Top Up
  • Tariff Update
  • Pre CoS Gain
  • CoS Gains
  • Meter Readings
  • Change of Tenancy
  • CoS Losses